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3 New Year’s Crypto Resolutions You May Consider for 2023

2022 had us all spinning in a swirl of events. Prices rocked. Profits were made. Minds were shocked. The good news is, through all the sweat and tears, we have made it here. Standing, with our portfolio intact. For that, we should take a moment and pat ourselves on the back.

2022 may have been a wild ride. But you know what’s wilder? Going into 2023 without resolutions.

You may have very specific goals and even plans to achieve them, but resolutions are a broader concept. They can sometimes change our disposition or even help develop a vision. For example, you may resolve to put an end to dip-buying excessively (though we all know you won’t.)

If you’re not sure what your crypto resolutions are, here are some you may consider implementing into your 2023 journey.

Bolster your knowledge

Become an expert. Why not? Crypto is one of the fastest growing industries in our time. And like time, it doesn’t wait for anyone. Maybe the new year is when you start to invest in learning all you can about crypto and all its evolving mechanics.


Commit to reading at least one article a day, be it news or educational blogs. Take an online course on how to be a better trader or anything that could give you a financial edge. Participate in webinars or events that provide valuable information. These are just some of the things you can do to keep yourself informed and your mind fresh.

Put your coins to good use

By good use we don’t mean put them on Polygon for faster transactions or into your Starbucks card.


Good use here could mean charitable causes. Cryptocurrency isn’t always about profits. It can also be a way to lend a helping hand or show compassion to those in need.


There are lots of charities that accept donations in crypto, some of which exist in the form of DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations.) You can send them support right through the blockchain. 


Some of the nonprofits that accept crypto include 3Strands Global Foundations, 4Kids, Inc, and Rain and Forest Foundation. Find a longer version of this list on the Giving Block


You can also donate some of your coins to someone who’s new or has yet to enter the blockchain. A lot of us have been reluctant to get started in crypto solely because we have nothing to start with. If it’s within your capacity, provide someone with a ticket in.

Practice good security

It’s hard to justify earning more crypto if you don’t have a way to protect it. Having a reliable wallet or crypto custody is a great start. Your resolution may involve upgrading security measures and becoming more conscious with potential risks and vulnerabilities when making a transaction.


Having a crypto custodian may mitigate those risks, but it’s still within your responsibility to stay alert and informed on the latest crypto scams and other malicious activities that, unfortunately, are a rampant factor of the field.

Stay active and involved with the community

This one is a bonus. But an excellent crypto resolution. The crypto community is large but a welcoming one. 


Maybe 2023 is the year where you reach out and connect with like minded individuals who truly understand what you’re going through when you tell them you bought Bitcoin at 40k. 


If you already have someone that wise, take a second to appreciate their companionship and look forward to many more years ahead. Sometimes, it’s not about how far we’ve come, but with who.