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Founded in 2018, Atato started with four team members and have continuously been growing ever since. We are a company that operates in a 100% remote capacity since it started. We value transparency, openness and efficiency. We believe in giving everyone a good work environment where they can be free to express themselves, experiment, and share their thoughts and ideas openly. We encourage curiosity and instilling a growth mindset. We work fast, efficient and most of all, we have fun while accomplishing our goals as one team.

Our vision in a secure future.

Atato is a team of builders with a mission to bring the next generation infrastructure to enable the next 100 million cryptocurrencies users.

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Backed by top investors, and based in Singapore, we’re at the forefront of the exciting web3 industry. We believe that web3 is slowly but surely changing the world. We believe in teamwork, collaboration, and making a global impact. Join Atato now if your passion lies in building the next generation of dapp tools that will empower the world.

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