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An introduction to atato custody

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Atato Custody is a licensed crypto custodian that provides secure and innovative custody solutions for digital assets management, including cryptocurrencies.


If you find yourself on this page, you’re likely looking to implement security measures for your digital assets or upgrade from your current crypto custodian. 

Whether you’re a Web 3 small business or an enterprise, rest assured you’ll find what you need among the variety of options available on the atato Custody platform. Let’s dive into the depths of who we are and the digital custody services we provide.

Atato’s background

Atato Custody was founded in 2018 by a small team of four and has been growing ever since. Today we’re a company of dedicated security experts who set their minds to protecting the valuable digital assets of our Web3 clients.


Atato Custody was built with security at the forefront of our goals, but the brand also comes with a special mission – to build a next-generation operating system that allows everyone to easily interact with blockchain technology, bringing mass adoption to the next 100 million users.

Focus on security

Atato Custody was created with an emphasis on securing digital assets and employing the most advanced technology to do so. 


One of our key features is the multi-signature protocol. It implements multiple layers of security while giving clients full control over their assets. Our MPC utilizes key shards instead of private keys, which are shared among your approved users, thus removing the single point of failure and making it impossible for an unauthorized individual to steal or gain access to your wallet or workspace.

Enhanced accessibility

Atato Custody is intent on bringing blockchain adoption to the world, so we prioritize making our systems as user-friendly and accessible as possible. You’ll find an intuitive interface on the atato workspace and the simple navigation allows clients to monitor their assets and make transactions with ease.


Atato custody also comes with a mobile application and our clients are allowed unlimited workspace and wallets with custom policies. All these features are packaged in easy pricing plans that include no Asset Under Management (AUM) fees or Transactional fees.

Bring Your Own Chain/Token (BYOC/BYOT)

Our latest and unique feature, Bring Your Own Chain, allows users to add any EVM-compatible blockchain to atato Custody and gain instant support. You can also get custody of any ERC-20 token for the corresponding chains.


Traditional crypto custodians can take a long time to approve an unsupported chain and that can hinder your workflow. With BYOC, you can add any EVM-compatible chain yourself and do so with a few clicks. This is the ultimate convenience atato Custody provides and we strive to continue improving the user experience with even more innovative technology.

Complete transparency

Atato Custody values transparency and honest communication with our clients. We believe that the clearer our users are on our operations and intents, the more effectively they will be able to make decisions. It’s more than just a business agreement between atato and our customers – it’s a partnership, so trust is by far the most important factor. 

You can check out our comprehensive product documentation here and learn more in-depth about atato Custody’s features and API.

Fully licensed and audited - ISO27001

Atato Custody is a fully licensed and audited custodian for digital assets. We’ve acquired the Trust License under the Hong Kong Trust Ordinance and recently became ISO27001 certified


The ISO27001 is the global standard for information security management. This certification is a testament to our commitment to the highest standards of security and dedication to protecting your digital assets.

Learn with atato Custody

At atato Custody, we believe the best way to connect to the world is through valuable information. We keep our users and readers up to date with the latest developments in the crypto world and informed through education blogs. Check out our catalog of useful content during your down time!

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