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XRP Ledger and Cronos Integrates atato’s BYOC (Bring Your Own Chain) Network for Compliant Custody Solutions

Atato Custody offers regulated institutional-grade custody for all participants of the XRP Ledger and Cronos Chain ecosystems along with other leading chains including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Furthermore, atato does not charge customers AUM, transactions and withdrawals fees making it the preferred product suite.

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Singapore, 26th October: Atato Custody, a fully recognized institutional-grade MPC crypto custody, today announced an integration with Cronos Chain, the leading EVM-compatible chain built on the Cosmos SDK, for DeFi and GameFi as well as XRP Ledger, the open-source, energy efficient, and decentralized blockchain powered by a global developer community, for its pioneering BYOC network.

The partnership aims to make a substantial impact with its Bring-Your-Own-Chain (BYOC) offering. This is the first custody solution of its kind to enable one-click integration of any chain, truly empowering a multi-chain future for driving mainstream adoption. BYOC makes Atato the only custodian to secure and support tokens across ALL EVM and non EVM chains without the need of complex coding. While approaching the multichain landscape, atato Custody addresses a common industry challenge of limited asset support by offering enhanced security, assurance, flexibility, and operational efficiency.


As a digital asset custodian, we acknowledge the growing demand for users to secure their tokens over multiple chains and control them through one simple user interface. This demand has particularly grown with the rise of various Layer 1s, Layer 2s, and Subnets across ecosystems. Thanks to atato's 'Bring Your Own Chain' feature, we enable any project, venture fund, or institution to effortlessly add support for any blockchain and any token with a single click, a capability that was previously beyond reach.”

The BYOC integration with atato will support Web3 builders, startups, developers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) native to XRP Ledger, Cronos ecosystems, and all other ecosystems demonstrating the shared commitment to building a secure, interoperable and compliant environment for emerging web3 participants. Projects can also connect and use dApps across all blockchains through atato’s WalletConnect feature. Considering the increase in preventable hacks, it is imperative to prioritize security from the very beginning.

“With atato’s BYOC, custodial wallets for SMEs and individuals are now available on the Cronos Network. This partnership is the first step to building a more secure, compliant, and interoperable ecosystem for projects on the Cronos Chain. With this integration, atato becomes the first licensed and compliant custody solution to support projects on the Cronos Chain."

About atato Custody

Established in 2017, atato Custody delivers institutional-grade digital asset custody solutions to Web3 SMEs, venture capitalists, and institutions. Secured by cutting-edge multi-party computation, atato has garnered the trust and support of prominent venture capital firms such as Alpha Lab Capital, NGC, SOSV, and others.

atato Custody proudly stands out in the industry with innovative features like ‘Bring Your Own Chain’ and ‘Bring Your Own Token,’ making us the exclusive custodian capable of seamlessly supporting all blockchains and tokens, simplifying the process with just a few clicks and without the need for coding. Atato Custody is the sole provider that doesn’t charge Asset Under Management (AUM), transaction, and withdrawal fees, while offering transparent fixed wallet pricing. Our partners include OKX Chain, ConsenSys, and Merkle Science amongst many others. atato Custody holds the prestigious SOC2 Type 2 certification and holds licensing in both Asia and Europe, underlining our commitment to delivering the highest standards of security and compliance.

For more information, please visit our page here 

About XRP Ledger

The XRP Ledger (XRPL) is an open source, public and decentralized Layer 1 blockchain led by a global developer community. It is fast, energy-efficient, and reliable. For more than ten years, it has been the blockchain best suited to enable settlement and liquidity of tokenized assets at scale. 

With ease of development, low transaction costs, and a knowledgeable community, it provides developers with a strong open-source foundation for executing on the most demanding projects – without impacting the XRPL’s lean and efficient feature set. XRPL enables a wide variety of services and use cases including payments, institutional DeFi, and tokenization. 

Learn more at xrpl.org

About Cronos

Cronos is the leading Ethereum-compatible layer 1 blockchain network built on the Cosmos SDK, supported by Crypto.com, Crypto.org, and more than 500 app developers and partners. Today, the #CROfam ecosystem represents an addressable user base of more than 80 million people worldwide. 

Our mission is to make it easy and safe for the next billion crypto users to adopt Web3, with a focus on decentralized applications in the DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi verticals. Shortly after launch in November 2021, Cronos achieved a top 10 position amongst all chains by TVL. It is home to more than 1 million users and 500+ dApps. Transaction fees are paid in Cronos ($CRO), a blue chip cryptocurrency. The Cronos ecosystem is supported by Cronos Labs, the start-up accelerator of Cronos chain.

Learn more at cronos.org

Atato custody, an all in one solution for your digital assets security

Add any token, add any chain, MPC security, Dapps integration

Atato custody, an all in one solution for your digital assets security

Add any token, add any chain, MPC security, Dapps integration