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Announcing Our US$6M Series A

We are thrilled to announce that Atato has raised US$6 million for its MPC (Multi-Party Computation) institutional grade custody supporting any blockchain or token. The Series A included several institutional and angel investors such as AlphaLab Capital, FEBE Ventures, Tom Trowbridge, NGC Metaverse Ventures, Huashan Capital, January Capital, SOSV, and more.



Atato: Who we are

Since 2018, we have been building blockchain solutions for the financial services industry. As we dealt with banks, brokers, digital assets exchanges, and decentralised finance protocols, we realised that everyone (including ourselves) were facing the same issue: how to store and manage crypto assets efficiently? While there are existing custody solutions in the market, interested parties were often discouraged by several factors, such as minimum AUM, transactional fees, and the product flexibility could be improved for different demographics. Facing these challenges as a user, we took it upon ourselves to build a platform that could fill these gaps.

Over the past year, Atato has staked our resources and efforts into building a platform that suits all users, from the retail crypto user to institutional finance and side branches of the DeFi Gaming platforms, to have access to licensed, audited, and practical custodial solutions. We are proud to announce that we have raised $6 Million from investors with deep understanding of the crypto space and who believe in Atato’s vision to bring security to the next 100 million users exploring DeFi.

Disrupting the custody space – No AUM, no transaction fees

The current business model of most custodians is based on taking fees on the assets that they manage, mostly on a fixed minimum AUM (assets under management) requirement. This model, while widely adopted, restrains listing of smaller cap tokens and scalability of smaller customers. We believe that having a fixed fee per wallet will support the onboarding of more projects and smaller clients into crypto custody and help them scale up as the number of wallets they use increase. 

Other than that, atato’s Bring Your Own Token / Bring Your Own Chain feature that instantly supports users’ own blockchains and tokens will go a long way to resolve security and secure assets storage for emerging projects and protocols requiring support at their budding stages. This feature will be released in several phases and will actively partner with several protocols.

Beyond that, atato will be releasing several features that will aid in the ease of adopting custodial services and building a dapp hub that promotes a secure DeFi experience.

Looking Beyond

From our beginnings of a small team of 5, Atato has expanded into a diverse team of over 30 staff spread across the globe, from Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Europe, just to name a few.

With this funding round, atato looks forward to:

  • Expand atato’s protocol coverage
  • Build and expand the existing security infrastructure
  • Scale our platform for retail and institutional users
  • Onboard world-class talents to build our product.
  • Atato envisions a world where everyone can have access to quality custodial solutions, which will enable them to access Web3 securely.

To our partners, users, investors, supporting institutions, angels, advisors, and team members at Atato, we thank all of you for your unwavering support and commitment. Thank you for trusting us on this journey.

We are truly humbled and excited to build on this platform with you.

Team Atato