Store, Secure, and Manage Your Assets Safely With A Custody Solution Built For Web3 Service Providers

Why Use A Custody Solution?

As a business holding cryptocurrencies or receiving crypto payments, you can’t delegate the responsibility of security to one of your employees.

You need appropriate risk management policies tailor-made for your digital assets to distribute the responsibilities of managing your crypto assets.

More than just a secure wallet, a crypto custodian enables you to invite multiple admins, set up rules based on company policies, white/blacklist addresses to prevent unwanted transactions, and secures you against hacks, scams, and phishing attempts.

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Secured by Multi-Party Computation

Leverage cutting edge security technologies resistant to single points of failure, hacks, and social engineering attacks.

What is MPC?

Unlike conventional methods where private keys are stored, MPC wallets fragment the private keys into multiple distributed secure shares. Separating the private key into multiple shards ensures that there is no single location that stores the information needed to make transactions and at no time are they ever combined – even when making transactions.

Wallets are further secured by atato’s approval system which can enforce multiple cryptographic approvals on changes. This further prevents internal fraud, key theft and collusion.

Custody Any Cryptocurrency On Any Chain Without Code

Leverage atato’s Bring Your Own Chain & Bring Your Own Token features to add Bitcoin,
EVM-supported chains, and select non-EVM chains in one click, without code.
Secure any cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, all stablecoins, and more!

The only regulated and compliant digital asset custody solution with no AUM fees & fixed prices.

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