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Atato is now a fully licensed custodian for digital assets.

Atato, the leading digital assets technology company, announced today that it had secured a Trust Licence under the Hong Kong Trust Ordinance.

It allows atato to become a fully regulated digital assets custodian to serve regulated financial institutions and digital assets businesses in the region.

As more and more countries in Southeast Asia are implementing cryptocurrency custody regulations, atato continues to strengthen its position to onboard more financial institutions and accelerate its development in the region.

This is an important milestone for atato as a company but also to increase confidence in our custody solution. Since 2018 we have been working with banks and crypto businesses hand in hand with the regulators. As we launched our cryptocurrency custody platform earlier this year, this is the next milestone for us in accelerating the rollout of our product. We enable DeFi startups, token issuers, exchanges, brokers, and businesses holding crypto to secure them with an easy-to-use interface. And now, our clients can be assured of our compliance with their local regulations.” — Guillaume Le Saint CEO and founder, atato

We are proud to be joining major regulated companies such as BitGo or Coinbase Custody as licensed custodians. This is only the first step of our compliance journey as more and more countries are defining their digital assets and custodian license framework ” — Clement Berger Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, atato.

Following the granting of the license atato will be offering its innovative crypto custody solution to financial institutions and accelerating the onboarding of clients with regulatory obligations.

Atato Custody is a modern digital assets custody platform where businesses can securely store and manage their cryptocurrencies using a web application, mobile application, and APIs. We want to help businesses save time and money by creating a simple yet powerful service for them to make deposits, withdrawals and use dApps. Our mission is to build a user-friendly and secure next-generation operating system for everyone to interact with blockchains.

If you want to onboard and try atato for free you can register here : https://app.atato.com/