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Atato onboard Zipmex on its SaaS custody service

Atato (www.atato.com), a digital asset custody provider, is proud to announce that Zipmex (www.zipmex.com), one of the fastest-growing crypto exchange in Southeast Asia with operations in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and Thailand will start using its unique SaaS cryptocurrency custody service.

Atato Custody SaaS brings up the decentralized security of multiparty computation technology to any enterprises holding digital assets in a revolutionary style with flexible support to any chains, integration with Defi, and thorough customization, all under transparent cost-saving fixed subscription packages. 

As one of the blockchain solution pioneers in South East Asia, Atato has led extensive successful digital assets platforms for financial institutions Defi projects, and corporates since 2018 by its growing team of blockchain builder veterans and cryptography experts.

Quote from Marcus Lim, Zipmex CEO:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Atato, kicking off with the cryptocurrency custody service. This is only the beginning of our partnership, and we look forward to more exciting opportunities together in the near future. Our goal is to extend our reach beyond just a cryptocurrency exchange, to become a digital asset ecosystem – from DeFi opportunities to even one day a native Zipmex Blockchain. This is a critical first step for Zipmex; we are confident that with Atato, we can continue to diversify our offering and become one of the region’s key players”

Quote from Guillaume Le Saint, Atato CEO:

“We aim to offer an alternative solution to what exists on the custody market today. Exchanges and crypto businesses need their custodian to be removing their pain points and not create new bottlenecks. For these reasons, we are providing an enterprise-grade MPC based custody solution with simple online signup and fixed price no matter the assets under management or the number of transactions. We are really proud to have Zipmex, one of the fastest-growing exchanges in the region, trusting our solution and we look forward to implementing the unique new features of atato custody.

You can already register to atato custody and get access to the free trial here.  

About atato:

Atato is a digital asset technology company offering an enterprise-grade MPC custody solution. Atato enables exchanges, funds, OTC brokers, and anyone holding crypto assets to securely manage and store digital assets.  Atato custody is also the first building block of the next generation of secure operating systems to enable the next 100 million crypto users.

About Zipmex:

Zipmex is one of Asia-Pacific’s fastest-growing digital asset platforms, having just closed $41M in their Series B funding. Zipmex’s mission is to educate, excite and enrich the lives of everyday people by demystifying crypto. With Zipmex’s easy-to-use platform, users gain access to various financial services and unique lifestyle experiences. From our market-leading interest-bearing accounts to the newly launched ZipWorld platform that gives access to exclusive products & experiences, Zipmex aims to build a financial & lifestyle ecosystem. To date, the platform has seen over US$4 billion in gross transaction volume since its 2019 launch.