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Celebrate Atato’s 5th Anniversary


Five years ago, Atato was only a dream. A vision to bring blockchain adoption to the world and empower users with financial control.


Now, we celebrate our journey to bringing that vision to reality as we mark our 5th anniversary.


As we relive some of our fondest memories, we could barely contain the gratitude for all the support we’ve received from our teams and partners and their dedication to making all of this possible.


We’re proud to call our employees our own as they have played a critical role in our success. Since Atato’s inception, we have structured ourselves as the pillar in bringing crypto adoption to many financial institutions in Thailand, including Bank of Thailand, KBGT and SCB10X and building the first licensed ICO portal. 


We have also become a fully licensed and audited crypto custody corporation with substantial fundings and will be releasing a brand new crypto wallet in 2023.


As we celebrate our achievements, we also reflect on the things that we learned over the years and the things we’ve come to actualize. We realize that our appreciation for what we have accomplished isn’t only within the premise of our organization, but those surrounding us as well. In light of that sentiment, we’d like to extend our gratitude to the Mirror Foundation, a charitable organization that commits to providing to those in need and keeping the community eco-friendly.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who has stood by us. We couldn’t have done it without the faith and labor you have invested in our mission.

A few words from our co-founders

“It’s been a privilege to work with our amazing team, investors, clients, partners over the past five years. I started Aatato with a goal to bring blockchain adoption to businesses, and we’ve been lucky to bring some truly innovative solutions to market. First, during our service provider years, and recently, building our custody solutions for corporations. Our industry has now realized that improving the experience businesses and individuals have with wallets is one of the areas that require the most attention.

We’re proud to innovate in the space, and provide unparalleled access to Web3, while preserving a high degree of security and trust that people rightfully expect from custodians. I’m looking forward to our ten-year anniversary, and all the amazing things we’ll have achieved by then.”

“Since 2018 the blockchain space has been evolving beyond expectations and Atato, with it. Seeing the company growing month by month and being a part of this journey is a privilege. Our mission is still the same as when we started: bringing crypto adoption to the masses. 

With Atato Custody we are getting closer to that every day and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our team, investors, clients and partners.”