Atato custody supports all Layer2.

atato supports layer 2

Thanks to atato custody unique bring your own chain feature customers are able to get custody of any EVM layer 2 networks in one click.
As layer 2 adoption and transactions are growing everyday atato custody gives complete freedom to its clients to use any layer 2 solutions they like.

Bitcoin custody | Atato Custody now supports Bitcoin

crypto custody btc

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, continues to dominate the crypto landscape. With regulated financial institutions and investors looking to own BTC, there is a growing need for secure and reliable crypto custody services to ensure the safekeeping of these valuable assets. Atato, a licensed MPC crypto custodian based in Singapore, is proud to offer crypto custody services that include support for Bitcoin and a wide range of other digital assets

What is atato’s BYOC: Bring Your Own Chain feature?

BYOC bring your own chain

We’re pleased to announce our latest undertaking to further enhance the user experience – Bring Your Own Chain/Token (BYOC/BYOT) protocol.
Users can now add any EVM-compatible network and ERC-20 token of their choice to Atato custody. Most custodians are severely limited by their range of supported assets, and some will take weeks or even months to process requests.  Atato’s BYOC allows you to overcome those limitations. With a few clicks, our clients can add any EVM-compatible network to Atato, whether it’s a public or private network.