Blockchain Energy Trading - 2018

For Banpu, one of Thailand largest energy company, Atato developed an new way to trade energy through blockchain technology.

With more than 35 years of experience, Banpu is an integrated energy solutions company operating in 10 countries in Asia-Pacific by creating growth throughout its 3 core groups of businesses, which are Energy Resources, Energy Generation and Energy Technology.


With blockchain technology, energy is being tokenized and the energy blockchain tokens are dynamically traded on an open market. Solar panels, home battery storage, and electric vehicle all connect to the blockchain internet of things.

With this technological capability, blockchain platforms for energy with new business models are emerging. Decentralized energy trading allows consumers to sell excess energy back to the grid, powered by blockchain. The tokenization of energy units allows the generation and consumption to take place in different places, times and markets. Those tokens can be purchased, traded and resold.

Atato's Solution

    • Banpu selected Atato’s blockchain training in Thailand, and conducted several courses with its team.
    • Banpu identified blockchain business cases, thanks to Atato Bangkok office expertise in blockchain technologies.
    • Blockchain workshops were conducted in Thailand, to develop proof of concepts for blockchain connected energy platforms.

Why Blockchain

  • Thailand’s Royal Decree on Digital Asset Business sets the framework for using blockchain technologies and tokenization of assets..

  • Ethereum blockchain allows smart contracts, and tokenization of assets, linked to financial markets.

  • Atato’s blockchain energy solution integrates all these elements for the physical devices used to track energy production and consumption.

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