Blockchain Food Traceability - 2018

For Pacifical, the world’s largest producer of sustainably-caught tuna, and their customer Gustav Gerig in Switzerland, Atato has developed the first large-scale food traceability application built on blockchain. Thanks to Atato’s expertise, the solution was seamlessly integrated in Pacifical’s information systems.

Pacifical is a global tuna market development company jointly set up by 8 countries that are Parties to the Nauru Agreement to promote the catch, production, distribution and trade of the MSC certified sustainably caught free school skipjack and yellow fin tuna within their waters, which is also processed in a socially responsible and fair way in the region, to tuna consumers around the world. Pacifical countries together have 25% of the world tuna stocks in their water.


As supply chains become more complex and more integrated, it becomes a challenge for brands and consumers to know where their food came from, and whether they can trust that information. Pacifical has always been a leader in ensuring the traceability, sustainability of its tuna, as well as integrated auditing process to control the information quality.

Thanks to Atato’s blockchain food traceability application, this high-quality traceability information can now be independently accessed on a immutable storage platform, using blockchain technologies. Pacifical joined forces with Gustav Gerig, Switzerland’s leading tuna brand and together realized the first large scale food traceability on blockchain. 

Atato's Solution



Using Atato’s food traceability app, we built a platform that:

    • Connects to Pacifical’s information system using Atato Natoray’s API
    • Allows independent audit of the infromation published
    • Allows direct consumer acces to the blockchain data

Why Blockchain

Atato’s solution has several advantages compared to a traditional application:

  • Integrated in marketing, by utilising QR codes on the product’s packaging, consumers can easily access the traceability information, directly from their mobile phones.

  • Complete transparency, the traceability information is published on blockchain networks, and readily available without requiring any server or trusted party to publish the data.

  • Immutable data storage, the storage, and updates made to the data associated with tuna traceability is fully public, transparent and audit-able. No modification can be made without an immutable record notarised on blockchain.

  • Highest level of information security, blockchain’s use of encryption and signature technologies ensures that all actions are fully secure and controlled.

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