Defi Security Audit Review - 2020

Atato performed a smart contract security review with a report to a decentralized exchange under a Thailand Security Exchange Commission license.

The security review included: solidity best practices, automated analysis, assertions property checking, Byte-code safety, authorization controls, control flow, ERC standards compliance, and solidity coding best practices.

You can see the full report here.

Background is developing a decentralized digital assets exchange and has applied for a digital asset Broker license under the definitions of The Kingdom of Thailand’s Royal Decree on Digital Assets Business. As part of the broker license attribution by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand, a security assessment of some of the Ethereum smart contracts should be conducted. has contracted atato to conduct the initial security review.

Atato's Solution

The security review covers the following:

Solidity best practices:

Documentation, Linting, Compiler warnings, Unused code sections, Todo comments, Test instructions, Tests execution, Testing dependencies

Automated analysis:

Assertions and property checking, Byte-code safety, Authorization controls, Control flow, ERC standards compliance,  Solidity coding best practice

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