Blockchain Software Development

Our mission and expertise is to enable you to connect your business with blockchain networks. We integrate blockchain technology in your applications, and help you build new applications leveraging blockchain.

Our team has been working with Ethereum since its inception in 2015, and have developed unique experience in smart-contracts, decentralised storage, blockchain security and architecture.

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Blockchain Service Provider

  • Blockchain Courses, Atato provides blockchain training in Bangkok, blockchain workshops in Bangkok, blockchain development courses.

  • Smart Contract Development, Atato provides smart contract development services, blockchain applications development, decentralised applications development.

  • Blockchain Consulting, Atato provides blockchain consulting, blockchain technical advisory, blockchain expertise and coaching.

  • Blockchain Integration, Atato provides blockchain system integration, blockchain enterprise software, blockchain platforms development.

Example Blockchain Apps

  • Supply chain traceability, share a single source of truth for communication with partners along your supply chain, while maintaining ownership of your data and transactions.

  • Data exchange, automate mechanisms for settlement and reconciliation of business data with your business peers. Reduce closing time from 1 day to 15 seconds for typical clearing houses processes.

  • Digital assets, tokenise assets and build new business models enabled by smart-contracts and decentralised technologies. Trade securities more efficiently. Raise capital with Initial Coin Offerings.