Blockchain Services

Blockchain Business Cases

Our mission and expertise is to enable you to leverage blockchain in your business.

Blockchain Education, we provide blockchain training, blockchain workshops and blockchain development courses in Bangkok.

Blockchain Consulting, we provide blockchain expertise, blockchain technical advisory, and blockchain consulting services.

Blockchain Business Cases, we identify opportunities to use blockchain in your business, and help scope and size solutions.

Blockchain Software Platform

We integrate blockchain in your applications, or build new platforms from the ground up.

Smart Contracts, we develop smart contracts, tokenize assets, secure smart contracts and develop web3 applications.

Blockchain Integration, we provide blockchain system integration, entreprise blockchain software, consortium blockchain development.

Blockchain Platform, we build complete blockchain platforms including blockchain front-end, blockchain APIs, blockchain smart-contracts.

Digital Assets Platform

Since 2018, atato is offering Digital Assets Platform based on Ethereum

Regulation, we built an expertise on the Thai Digital Assets regulation by delivering audited and compliant platforms for digital assets businesses

Experience, since 2018 we have been building several platforms that have received a digital asset SEC license in Thailand.

Security, we audited several projects that have received a digital asset SEC license in Thailand. Our audits reports are public.

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