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Our mission and expertise is to enable you to connect your business with blockchain networks. We integrate blockchain technology in your applications, without disturbing the existing business you've built.

Our team has been working with Ethereum since its inception in 2015, and have developed unique experience in smart-contracts, decentralised storage, blockchain security and architecture.

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  • Decentralised Applications

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  • Cloud Blockchain Architecture

Business Applications

  • Supply chain traceability, share a single source of truth for communication with partners along your supply chain, while maintaining ownership of your data and transactions. Build a secure position on the next generation decentralised economy.

  • Data exchange, automate mechanisms for settlement and reconciliation of business data with your business peers. Reduce closing time from 1 day to 15 seconds for typical clearing houses processes. Take an edge over your competitors.

  • Proof of data on blockchain, publish immutable proof of data coming from your business onto the blockchain. Accepted as legal evidence in several European countries and USA states. Securely notarise your information assets, while keeping them confidential.

  • Information audit-ability, simplify your ISO27001, HIPAA and regulatory compliance with blockchain integrated information systems. Make your information tamper-proof and irrefutable. Reduce your back-office and compliance costs.

  • Chain of custody, demonstrate the integrity of data along as it's transferred to different participants of a custody chain. Provide automated proof that no tampering occured. Protect yourself from legal exposure, and reduce administrative overhead.

  • Certificates of compliance on blockchain, using decentralised file storage and its integration with smart contracts, store documents of any size and issue proof of their issuance as well as guarantees of their integrity. Securely share with authorised participants only. 

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