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Bring your own chain to Atato and get instant support

We’re pleased to announce our latest undertaking to further enhance the user experience – Bring Your Own Chain/Token (BYOC/BYOT) protocol.

Users can now add any EVM-compatible network and ERC-20 token of their choice to Atato custody. Most custodians are severely limited by their range of supported assets, and some will take weeks or even months to process requests.  Atato’s BYOC allows you to overcome those limitations. With a few clicks, our clients can add any EVM-compatible network to Atato, whether it’s a public or private network.

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Start exploring your options with Atato custody

Users can also add their own token to their private network with the BYOT feature. Having this token allows fast and easy deposits, withdrawals and smart contract transactions. You won’t ever have to worry about creating a new wallet for a different network. Atato makes it possible to use the same wallet address across all EVM networks on your Network Page.

Ready to get started? Create your custodial wallet for free now.

“We’re impressed by Atato’s user-friendly onboarding and UI, which also gives power users API access – a unique feature in the market. Bring Your Own Chain will also be transformative for institutional customers eager to engage with, and support new chains and projects.”

– Michal Krasnodebski, COO of AlphaLab Capital

Our vision for the future

As a custodial service provider, it is our only priority to protect your digital assets and secure your business. We have also made it our mission to provide our users with the highest level of freedom and convenience. It is an ongoing process and the BYOC service is a big step in that direction.  New blockchains and tokens are being added to the market every single day. It’s only going to get more complex, especially for newcomers. As your custodian, we strive to make the work process as easy and your options as diverse as possible.

..We are rolling out even more exclusive features soon, so stay tuned!

About us

Atato was born in 2017 with the mission of securing the crypto world. Our vision encompasses bringing the next generation infrastructure to the future 100 million cryptocurrency users.  Atato is headquartered in Singapore and a holder of the TCSP License