Digital Assets Licences

Licences Covered

Broker: defined by a person who services the public as available to be a broker or an agent for any person in the purchase, sale or exchange of Digital Assets.

ICO portal: defined by a primary offering platform with responsibilities similar to Financial Advisors in traditional IPO deals and funding portals in equity crowdfunding deals.

Exchanges: defined by a center or a network established for the purposes of purchasing, selling or exchanging Digital Assets.


Documentation: we provide the full IT and process documentation requested for the Licence application. Our previous work has already been audited by the regulator several times.

Working System: we provide the development and deployment of the software stack necessary to operate your digital asset business.                                      

Audit and Security we provide security review with reports necessary to the completion of the licensing process.



We are serving clients in South East Asia with a particular focus on 2 jurisdictions with established regulations towards digital assets.                                                            

Thailand: under the Thai SEC regulation and the Emergency Decree on the Digital Asset Businesses B.E. 2561.                                                                                               

Singapore: under the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Payment services Act.

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