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Enterprise Blockchain 10th edition: Blockchain and IOT!


Welcome everybody,
Already the 10th edition of our blockchain for enterprise meetup!
We started last October and had the pleasure to receive a number of great companies presenting their blockchain projects.

This time for the 10th edition we will talk about blockchain integration with the internet of things.

We have the pleasure to receive as presenters:
Jana Bulkin, CIO of IntegrationWorks Asia. Jana was attending our first meetup and she is an ICT professional with long time work experience in application and infrastructure domains dominant in Financial Service IT and Operations.

Dominic Letz, CTO of Diode has more than ten years of experience in managing planet-scale IoT deployments both at Nokia and at Exosite before starting Diode.
Dominic innovated in connecting smart devices and designed systems that learn automatically from device collected data. His focus is now on bringing the security and privacy of smart device communication to the next level using blockchain.

19h00 Introduction
19h10: Jana Bulkin
19h40: Dominic Letz
20h10: Q&A
21h00: end

The meetup will be held through Zoom and we hope that for the next one in August we will be able to resume them in person.

The link to register is in location or here: https://bit.ly/301zH1q