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Ethereum Bangkok Event Recap



Another year, another conversation.


ETHBKK 2022 has concluded with some amazing insights and revelations in the

Ethereum space. The experts brought fresh takes on the happenings in crypto

and shared great knowledge with us and the viewers.


The conversations were informative and personal and we got to experience some

of the most refreshing perspectives throughout the event.

Here are a few moments we captured as we journeyed into the minds of the thought

leaders who presented.

Marouen Zelleg talks about the technology of ConsenSys and
the state of Ethereum in 2022

The leaders of SCB10X, Alpha Venture DAO and Cryptomind
discuss the Ethereum ecosystem in SEA and the Web3 space

A deep talk between Atato, Kaleido and Siqnal on the Ethereum
infrastructure evolution, which covers the impact of FTX on the
crypto industry and the vital role of security

Our Head of Security, Will Vacher, joins the experts of Starkware
and Scroll alongside Marco Monaco from ConsenSys on the
progress of Layer2 and smart contracts who also share some of
their interesting and upcoming projects

We sign in with the major players of GameFi, OKX and GameLoft
on the enticing mechanics of blockchain gaming and what it needs
to further recognition and grow its playerbase

Leading experts of DeFi, including DYDX, QiDao Protocol and
Kyberswap share their takes on what we should expect for
DeFi in 2023

Tim Beiko wraps up the event with a deep dive into Ethereum as an
ecosystem and Ethereum after the merge