Blockchain Service Provider

Atato is a blockchain software development company based in Bangkok Thailand. We help businesses transform their information technology to reap the benefits of blockchain technologies. Our Atato Blockchain Notary service allows you to quickly integrate your information system to the Ethereum blockchain.

Our certified Ethereum developers and architects will help you take your software, architecture, people, and processes to the new frontier of IT: blockchain. Be one of the early adopters and innovate with us.

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Blockchain Services


Atato's speciality is to integrate your company's software with blockchain networks, and bring your business to the next technological level.

Blockchain Notary


Atato's Notary service automates the issuing of Proof of Data, using public blockchain. Your files and data can be securely stored on blockchain through our API.

Information Technology


With more than 10 years experience in entreprise information technology and systems, Atato specialises in information technology sourcing in South-East Asia.