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How to keep your cryptocurrencies safe.

Do you have a safe vault for your crypto ?

Recommendations and best practices by Atato.

What do people use today ?

Exchanges — hardware wallet — mobile on browser extension wallets. There are various possibilities to store and manage crypto today in a safe vault crypto –  The 3 most popular ones are:

Where are your safe vault crypto keys?

Securing your private keys properly is not a simple task. It implies that you already have some basics in blockchain security and it is not the most user-friendly experience available. The more secure your cryptos are, the more impractical it is to use different decentralized applications. Fortunately, we are working to solve this at atato. 🙂

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To secure your crypto, you must use:

A hardware wallet (always purchase them from their original vendors and never from resellers.) Check and When setting up your hardware wallet you must secure your recovery seed. That is the most important step to make sure your coins are only accessible by you.

Crypto security First!

While all the above recommendations might look like a very “hardcore security procedure” they are unfortunately mandatory to secure your crypto assets correctly. Crypto, by nature, attracts hackers and fraudulent people and the recourses are often extremely limited. While the blockchain ecosystem is working on providing simpler and more secure solution choices are not many today. Following the above recommendations will surely help avoid most of the most common crypto security issues that we are seeing happening every day.
At atato, we are aware of those issues and are working on solving this major pain point with some innovative applications. Follow us or register to this page to get exclusive access to our app where security and convenience are built together.
Stay tuned!