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atato supports layer 2

Atato custody supports all Layer2.

Thanks to atato custody bring your own chain unique feature, you can now add any layer 2 networks in one click.

Atato, a leading provider of enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, is proud to offer crypto custody services that support any EVM compatible Layer 2 solutions. As more individuals and institutions invest in cryptocurrencies, Layer 2 solutions have been growing in popularity thanks to their fast and cheap transactions. With Polygon and others layer 2 leading the from their there is a growing need for secure and reliable custody services to ensure the safekeeping of these valuable assets.

Atato’s crypto custody uses MPC technology to ensure maximum security and efficiency for securing blockchain transactions. Atato custody advanced security measures are designed to protect client funds against theft or hacking, providing peace of mind for investors who want to ensure the safety of their digital assets.

Ethereum layer 2 solutions are growing fast and now the most used EVM networks.

One of the key features of Atato’s crypto custody solution is its support for any EVM compatible Layer 2 solutions. This means that clients can securely store their assets on Layer 2 solutions that are built on top of Ethereum, such as Optimism, Arbitrum, and Polygon, among others. This support for Layer 2 solutions provides investors with increased flexibility and scalability, while still maintaining the highest levels of security.

In addition to its broad blockchain support and advanced security measures, Atato’s crypto custody solution is also easy to use. Clients can easily deposit and withdraw funds through a user-friendly web portal, and the company provides round-the-clock customer support to ensure that any issues are promptly resolved.

As the crypto market continues to grow and evolve, the need for secure and reliable custody solutions that support Layer 2 solutions will only increase. With its advanced security measures, broad blockchain support, and user-friendly interface, Atato is well-positioned to serve the needs of investors looking to secure their digital assets on any EVM compatible Layer 2 solutions.

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