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Papio: large scale tuna traceability on blockchain.

10 years ago, sustainability and traceability were already a real concern for brands and retailers but the cost of implementing was too high for a commodity like a can of tuna. So the problems were:

  • lack of transparency trough the supply chain
  • information was unavailable for consumers
  • trust issue from the consumers regarding the provenance of their fish

Several companies like Thai Union or Pacifical were already tackling the issue with internal traceability system and promoting the adoption of the MSC certification.

A few years later, thanks to the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contract platform, companies like Treum, Traseable, and atato brought an additional layer of trust and accessibility trough blockchain.

Papio app was born: a real use case for blockchain application.

In 2018, atato developed the first tuna traceability app which publishes data on the Ethereum main-net available for anybody to see.

Three companies partnered for this venture: atato Thailand’s leading enterprise blockchain service provider, Pacifical who controls 25% of the world’s tuna supply and the leading Swiss sustainable tuna brand: Gustav Gerig.

The goal was to bring:

  • an app for customers to check the provenance of their fish
  • transparency through the tuna supply chain
  • immutability on the public and decentralized Ethereum blockchain

Papio app is now live with already more than 5,000,000 cans fully traceable on blockchain. The application uses a simple QR code and allows customers to track and trace their tuna from the ocean to the shelves.

With retailers all over the world like Walmart, Carrefour, Migros building traceability software, the industry is moving towards greater transparency through blockchain, enabling better sustainability for the world’s oceans.

If you want to know more¬†www.atato.com¬†or please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]