Atato is the official PegaSys partner for Thailand.

PegaSys is dedicated to enterprise grade blockchain software and solutions at ConsenSys and focused on privacy, permissioning, scalability, protocol engineering and more.

PegaSys offers products such as:

  • Hyperledger Besu: open-source, main-net compatible, Java-based, and
    Apache 2.0 licensed. Besu delivers the most reliable, scalable and easy to
    use platform for main-net and enterprise.

Hyperledger Besu Thailand

  • Pegasys Plus: offers all of the same functionality as Hyperledger Besu
    with additional features designed to better manage your client at scale,
    in a production environment.

PegaSys Plus Thailand

  • Orchestrate: PegaSys Orchestrate is a blockchain Transaction Orchestration System
    that abstracts blockchain complexity and can operate multiple chains

PegaSys Orchestrate Thailand

PegaSys products allow Atato to deliver ready to production blockchain platforms for its enterprise clients.

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