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Atato become the first Thailand based Blockchain company to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Published : 4 DEC 2019

Atato (, the Bangkok based blockchain service provider building platforms for enterprise clients today announced that it has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).

Why do enterprises need a blockchain service provider?

Published : 14 Nov 2019

We will speak today about the challenges that come with implementing innovative technologies such as blockchain in today’s businesses. Spoiler alert: we’re here to help.

Blockchain edge entices startups

Published : 24 Oct 2019

“Thailand is leading the pack in Southeast Asia in terms of blockchain and we are glad to be part of it” said Guillaume le Saint, Atato’s chief executive.

Large scale tuna traceability on blockchain

Published : 30 Sep 2019

Since 2018 atato enables blockchain traceability for supply chains around the world. We will share the story of how we put the first tuna can on the ethereum blockchain.

Exploring Provenance of Tuna using Distributed Ledgers

Published : 27 Feb 2019

The MIT Lab is dressing the picture of all blockchain seafood traceability projects and how Atato makes it possible to trace MSC tuna on Ethereum blockchain.

Swiss tuna brand to use blockchain food traceability

Published : 28 Nov 2018

Today 90-year-old Swiss food company Gustav Gerig announced plans to use blockchain for traceability for its “Raimond Freres” branded tuna. The fish will be sourced and canned by Pacifical, a company jointly set up by regional fishing countries in the Western and Central Pacific. Pacifical already has a live blockchain traceability solution.

Exploring Provenance of Tuna using Distributed Ledgers

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