How the recent FTX collapse reveals the importance of custody

When a system is designed in such a way that the overseer can freely manipulate the elements it

contains, things become iffy. It gets worse when this system is supposed to be the main source of

trust. People deposited their hard earned money into FTX not only because it was a versatile

platform, but also because they would always get it back. Until they didn’t.

The Need for Crypto Custody is Rising and Here’s Why

Everyone talks about how to earn more crypto and the powerful tools and strategies, but what’s even more important is how to protect it. Crypto custody is something you don’t want to wait too long to obtain.

Crypto custody providers ensure your digital assets will always be there when you need them. A qualified crypto custodian is an expert on security and will make sure every of your transactions go through a layer of approvers
Crypto custody will also enable you to recover your wallet, which is the greatest advantage you have over using a regular crypto wallet. We’ve all forgotten our passwords at some point and most of the time we brushed it off. If you do that on a crypto wallet, it could be all over. Having a crypto custodian ensures you always have access to your coins.

Why did we build atato custody?

For the past 3 years we built blockchain solutions for the financial services industry. Our clients were national banks, brokers, digital assets exchanges, and decentralized finance protocols. All of them were facing the same issues: how to store and manage crypto assets efficiently? Today we are launching the custody solution that we believe answers most […]