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The Ethereum Bangkok Event 2021.

This year, over 2000 people registered for the event. Twice as much as 2020. It is undeniable that the blockchain ecosystem in Thailand and South East Asia is growing exponentially.

“The number one country globally in terms of users is Philippines!” said Jacob Cantele, head of operation at Metamask.

The number of adopters also shows the rise of NFT and DeFi companies in the region. It is no surprise that the fastest-growing countries in terms or users are the Philippines and Vietnam. We had great insight from GuilFi and KX during the NFT panel on play to earn and how it is changing the blockchain ecosystem overall.

On the enterprise side Charles d’Haussy, managing director of ConsenSys APAC gave a great recap on the state of Ethereum in 2021, Central Banks Digital Currencies are on the rise. Kaleido and Baker Mc Kenzie completed the second session on the state of enterprise blockchain.

Decentralized Finance was also a central discussion during the event with a Focus on Thailand first withKulap, SCB10x, Merkle Capital and Band Protocol, and a broader version at the end of the data with the 2 massive protocols Alpha Finance and Aave.

Last but not least, Atato, Zipmex and Fraction touched on digital asset security and use case innovation. Overall, Ethereum is still the number one blockchain where innovation is happening and new trends are launched.

You can watch the different sessions here:

Fireside chat with Metamask.

The state of blockchain for enterprise with Kaleido and Baker McKenzie

DeFi Thailand with Kulap, SCB10x, Band protocol and Merkle Capital

The state of Ethereum in 2021 with ConsenSys

The Ethereum foundation: blockchain adoption, insights from the development sector.

The NFT growing ecosystem with GuildFi, KX and Bitkub

The Digital asset space with Atato, Zipmex and Fraction

DeFi world with Aave and Alpha Finance

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