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Why you don’t want to miss the

ETHBKK 2022 Event

Ethereum Bangkok is back and it’s looking pretty rowdy. There are reasons nobody

wants to miss this event, on top of the fact that it’s free and is the place where all the

cool people go.

Atato is hosting ETHBKK for the 3rd year in a row

And attending it has never been easier.


The entire event will take place online, which means you can show up in pajamas and



Sure, some of us lean on the traditional side of meet-and-greet, but you won’t have to

worry about transportation and that’s always a plus.


ETHBKK is where we spread the word

The value of information in this era has reached groundbreaking heights. So what’s

better than a room full of valuable information?


Chat among crypto experts and some of the biggest names in the Ethereum space

while you’re here. Perhaps put your good-questions hat on and pick the brains of the

most critical people in the industry, including Tim Beiko, Sandy Peng, Marco Monaco

and the list goes on.


More speakers will be confirmed nearing the event launch, so if there’s someone in

particular who you simply can’t wait to meet, keep an eye on the roster.


Register below for a private link to the event

Did we mention this event is free? Because it is.


All you have to do is click the Register button below and you’ll get a private link to

your very own front row seat.


Also, see Event Agenda here.


See you there!

Ethereum Bangkok Event is back for the 2022 online edition with Atato Custody